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the double deuce

thanksgiving came and went, along with the aftermath shopping frenzy (woman trampled to death at dvd sale- no one surprised).

the turkey day feast was yummy; kudos to swedmex's step mom's cooking :9 . poor schuft has been working retail during the worst time to work retail, and i've also been busy looking for a way to torture myself for money. meanwhile the fall semester nears to a close, leading to much needed relief for college students all over--winter break :3 .

speaking of school, i'm *gasp* actually doing decent for once. a's in both english and art (only missing one point overall in that last one XD), and a b in math.

another good thing that happened is that my buddy from harvard dropped by today ^^ . he reports that its both cold and unusually sarcastic in boston.

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the gangs all here~

lately it seems as if my life has become much busier, for once requiring the use of a weekly planner: something that i’ve never had to do before @_@ . life has been pretty good though. went to go visit my old high school a couple of times. its weird how different it feels when you realize your not a student there anymore... thompson is still the same- gaining white hairs and pushing her decatholon students to their limits n_n . rusty and i are going to volunteer our help with the after school sessions. as much stress and hard work came from being on the academic decatholon, its still one of my fondest memories from high school...and i can’t say i don’t miss it. kreide also seems to be doing well. she showed me pics of her baby, and i have to say he is soo cute! there was this one picture in particular that i liked. it showed him , the baby, sitting inside this circular shaped desk. kreide explained that this was his “command center”; that he would spend his time sitting there, yelling at the passing by people and throwing toys at them if they did not listen XD . hehe, such a cute mental image -^_^- . i also applied for a job at target. my second interveiw is this Tuesday—eep ^^; ! wish me luck guys. i'll write about the other new happenings in my life later. chow for now~

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six letter word for a finger or toe in a human being

i was going to write about the total weirdness of schuft getting herself a boy-toy, but i think kt has said everything that had been needed to be said. comparing it to the apocalypse? hehe classy, very classy ^_~ .

we had a mini group outing to get better acquainted with kris (her new boyfriend) and his two friends. it was pretty fun; we enjoyed starbucks and making parking lot angels n_n . i'm happy to say kris and his buds seem like good people: i give my official twin stamp of approval.

a few days later schuft, swedmex and i checked out the cheapy theater and saw the medallion. pretty good, except for what could possibly be the most cheesy sound effects in a movie ever @_@ . after that we went shopping for costume parts. yes, i am aware that i am now eighteen and therefore an adult. yes i know this means i’m “too old for all this halloween silliness”. do i care? nah not really. will i ever? no, probably not ;) ;) ...

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"i'll piggy you back!"

i just figured out why i haven’t updated my poor neglected journal for a while; every time i wrote something, i got a call that booted me off-line and erased what i wrote. *stares longingly at cable and dsl connections*

lets see if i can quickly sum up what i’ve been up to lately... i started college and have already fallen into the routine of things. i really like the whole college atmosphere, and the fact that teachers now recognize your a mature adult is a plus ^^ . oh, and did anyone else notice the park next door is a zoo at dusk? there were so many animals there. we started to feed the squirrels, which quickly let to us being surrounded by a flock of ducks, a few pigeons and a family of squirrels. everything was under control til a herd of geese came and ran us out of the park. no kiddin', it was sorta freaky...anyone else see the alfred hitchcock movie "the birds"? @_@

oh and another close friend is leaving for college *sniff sniff*. we had a mini goodbye party yesterday that was pretty fun. colored strobe lights, non-stop techno (we’re holding your cd hostage het! now you hafta come back ;) ), a sixty count sushi platter, fun board game (me and swedmex kicked butt!), random keyboard songs, “pole dancing”, and a psycho kitty pretty much sums up the night. it was tons of fun. *sigh*, we should plan more of these get-togethers..

some other random events: went to the mall to go see the movie “once upon a time in mexico”, which was ok. it could have been so much better if they didn’t put in all that random useless gore 9_9 . after the movie, swedmex and i raided a toy store for their soul caliber display cases. i think we were the envy of all the little kids XD . oh and i also got a star on my essay~ i don't know to be proud of myself or feel like a kindergardener hehe.

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things a friend should never do: dress alike in cat outfits

maulie: know what today is?
het: what
het: ur aniversary?
maulie: the day i can legally go into a strip bar
maulie: XD XD
het: oh your kidding
het: HAPPY BDAY!!!

loot gathered so far:
~surprise bday beach partay (thanx anton XD)
~plushie kitty cat
~bart "underachiever and darn proud of it" shirt
~silk from china
~hellsing cd
~puting out fire with fire extinguisher (ok, more of an experience than a gift ^^; )
~stolen "boom boom" sign from boomtown set
~space balls dvd
~hundred and sixteen in cash =D
~lots of funny and/or cute bday cards
~ten dollar gift card from suncoast
~twenty dollar gift card from best buys
~pocky -yum =9 !
~plushie pokemon w/lea (don't ask)
~improv birthday "cake"

once again, thank you all for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! *hugs all* hehe ^^ .

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like the calming peace of a cloudless sky...

mmm, ever notice how nice a freshly baked bread smells? oh so yummy, clean, good? if they ever bottle that fragrance i'll be the first in line to buy.

heh, sorry i'm hungry right now ^^; .

*subject change* i went to the mall yesterday to go shopping for a friend's birthday gift. today is the "tripe entante" birthday party that seems to be becoming a tradition with my group. anyway, it was cool because they were filming an episode of boom town. the abandoned section of the mall had been converted to look like a sixty style's "west-side mall", complete with stores and everything. it was amusing because there was also prop store displays that people would stop and try to buy from XD . before we left, i sneaked over to grab a souvenir: leaves from the set. so if you ever see an episode of boomtown involving a "west-side mall"; know that i have three of the leaves in the back ground hehe ^^ .

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ok so where did i leave off?

well first off, the surprise goodbye party was a success. my friend was so happy she started to cry n_n . we ate potluck and watched episodes of excel saga before piling up in justin's van and setting off for the twin's house. schuft had make a song (lyrics, music and everything!) and played it on the twin's piano. this meant even more tears from everyone, which of course freaked schuft out ^_^; .

after the song was done we all walked to the park to play on the equiptment and take pictures. jon went to go sit and play with this lever/shovel toy that was half the size of him. i don't know how to discribe it, but it looked both funny and wrong XD . afterwards we headed back to ayanami's house to hang out a bit, then to our homes.

ooo and i haven't writen about what i did to the car huh? well in our apartment we have this really small and hard to drive around in garage. of lately theres been this white car that parks in the middle of the parking lot-of course making getting in and out that much harder XP . no one knew whose car it was. the polite notes we left for them to move their vehicle didn't work ether. i think this was about when i had my idea. waiting til it was dark outside, i grabbed a huge poster paper. writing on it with marker, i wrote "PLEASE DO NOT PARK HERE" really big and taped it to the middle of their windshield with an entire roll of tape. it pratically covered their whole veiw hehe =).

after that they never parked there again *proud of self* ^^ .

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down and dirty baby~

well i'm bored and no ones on aim, so i guess i'll write a few words about what i've been up ta this last few days ^^ .

lets see...wedsday i went to the beach with the twinsies and jon. we spend three hours out in the blazing sun (of course forgetting to put on sunscreen), resulting in everyone getting really burnt and/or dark ^^; . it was fun though. we played tag in the surf, watched bren and chel's sister try in vain to make a sand castle (she couldn't figure out to build it where the waves didn't crash ^_^; ), and made squirrel traps using chips for bait. none was caught, but we came close a few times =P .

thursday...i had to go to the oral surgeon to take out my two lower wisdom tooth. luckily for me, it actually wasn't that bad. i had a really good doctor so the wounds didn't leak and it didn't hurt that much. an added bonus was that i looked normal the next day and not like a chipmunk like i feared. oh yea, and that was also the day shady sent me post cards. i feel so loved -^^- .

as for today i'm waiting to head over to a friends house for a surprise good bye party. she leaves for her university of hawaii tomorrow *sniff sniff*. from what i hear though, u.h. has a wireless internet network. so i’ll be able to keep in touch with my buddy via aim--yay! n_n

oh and i suppose i should explain the entry title before i go...the line is from a song called "stop the rock" from an amv i adore =) .

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ah, i almost forgot to write about the moist carpet mystery!

anyhoo for those who don't know, my absence from the internet lately has been due to the fact that i've been busy trying to clean my room. for any normal person this would probably take an hour or so...but i'm a special case ^^; .

so cleaning my room involved moving large quantities of stuff around. it was during my transportation of stuff that i first noticed it: where ever there was stuff on the ground (i'm bored and going to see how many times i can use that word :D ), there was also moisture on the carpet. as i got around to moving the large stuff (fifth time!), i realized that not only was the carpet wet, but the bottoms of objects were too. furthermore, whatever it was smelt funky.

more clues surfaced. where ever the floor had been covered were warm patches of carpet. as i pondered this development, memories of other strange occurrences came to mind. how the front door suddenly became harder to close. the fact that it was so hot in our apartment...at times hotter than it was outside. the weird gurgling noise i would hear under the floor....

coming up with a hypothesis, i went outside to investigate. searching around outside my bedroom window it didn't take me long to find it. there was a grate leading under the apartment there...sending out loads of steam and perspiring like crazy!! it turned out there was a practical sauna under our home lol. a steam pipe had broke, conveniently only under our apartment 9_9; .

my bf and i are betting to see what piece of furniture will cause the floor to cave in first; i say bed and he says dresser XD .

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how you doin'?

hmm lets see...what have i been doing these last few days that deserves to be written about?

well i got my hair cut on friday, so my head feels much lighter now =) . on saturday we had the second ils beach party which was pretty fun n_n . we played fresbie, volley ball (i actually hit the ball! lol) and a card game called mafia. some of the guys also started wrestling which was, umm, interesting ^^; . andre was pretty amusing...i think my favorite qoute of that day had to be his reasoning for why i had to be the mafia. he said it was because it "fits with her dominatrix style". rofl XD . today all i did was go over to kim's house until ten; cause apparently its rude to stay late at someones house. nevermind the fact that it was a sleep over and everyone there wanted me to stay 9_9; ...

*random happy memory* the pick up line game that we made up at anime expo. lol, such an amusing pasttime... how you play is first someone names a random object. then everyone trys to think of as many pick up lines as they can using that item. i think what really made the game was that fact that schuft actually was willing to try out our impromptu lines XD . it was discovered that while a male using these pickup lines is sure to be turned down, a female using them warrents her unexpected hugs. hehe =) .

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check out this article my bf showed me...

doesn't it just make you wanna go out and encrypt all your pointless email XD ?

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lack of entry title

brian: please come! you shall be missed.
me: awwww
brian: you
brian: and those pants that tell time...
me: lol!
me: i must quote you now XD
brian: :D

wow a whole week of nothing and then -bam!- everything happens on the same day ^^; . my schedule for saturday is as follows: 8:00 am be at ben's house running anime club garage sell til 12:00 when i get picked up by anton to go the beach where i stay until around 3:00 pm when i'm picked up by someone else (probably 18) and wisked away to a pool party's at brian's apt @_@ . and of couse i have no idea how i'm getting from one place to another ^^;; .

in other news, for those of you who didn't see swedmex yesterday-you missed it! for one day he had his hair cut to look like a mullet lol. hehe my silly swedmex... :3

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water csabas: an ever so useful tool for the colonization of mars XD

for those of you who don’t know where i’ve been, my last five or six days was spent in florida attending a nasa space sets competition.

i had so much fun!!!

for one thing the people we were working with were really cool. members from both the durango and ils were really nice to me =) . they also really liked my drawings (i was the one of the artists for the team), which made me feel all nice and fuzzy inside...and did i mention the award i got? it’s sooo nice @_@ ! i’m pretty sure its worth more than the cost of my airfare and hotel room combined ^_^; .

funny memories i’ll probably be randomly giggling about:
~ ben and his twelve pack of sugar coffee
~ accidently hacking in to the sound system to play techno
~ tired anton XD
~ the whole “water csaba” thing
~ weylin's stripper name (happy twilight...hehe)
~ how tony was somehow able to make orange juice explode
~ anton’s special pronunciation of “anime”
~ chandler (i blame ray for this ^^; )
~ the durango team's islamic alarm clock
~ ben’s defilement of full metal panic
~ where i splashed anton with water...
~ tickling sam
~ shady and the bucket of ice @_@;
~ micheal's mom... ('nuff said)
~ kale and ricky having a who-looks-more-pregnant contest

and many more funny moments i’m probably forgeting :D .

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the dog ate my glasses...grr

so i'm using my old ones from two years ago. oh my aching eyes @_@ .

prom was a ton of fun, and grad night was oh so great too (the hyponotist show was soooo funny!).

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west high... genius students, poopy athletics, ghetto prom

senior prom tonight~ n_n . i think i'm gonna have a lot of fun...even if my prom is in a place named "joe's garage" ^^; .

lovely entry title comes from ayanami chan, btw :3 .

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kitty ninja of doom

made a few custom avatar pic.

aren't we cuties? XD

hehe, i like how they turned out ^^ .

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bacon comes from magically happy place

i save the most random things in my hard drive. take this old aim conversation for example:

me:hey patty
*a long time later*
me:i'm taking a poll
me:and we all think u r dead n_n

and speaking of random things, heres some links that prove i spend waaaay too much time online:

got milk?
legolas fun
in defense of lazy people ;)

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weekend update

saw my step sister's newborn baby for the first time last weekend. it was sooo cute! so small and defenseless...i mean, i could have practically held him with one hand!

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darn skippy~

actual conversation between me and schuft today:

schuft~ i want to raise a caterpillar!
maulie~ really, why's that?
schuft~ i want to kill a butterfly!
maulie~ o.o;

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share your love- it's share ware!

lol! they have an academic decatholon spoof on malcom in the middle!

sorta wish they didn't make it seem like everyone there cheats though ^^; ...

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the freakiest thing just happened...

i got up at seven thirty this morning, took a bath, logged online. everyone else was asleep. the house was empty and dark except for me curled up under a blanket and the glow of my computer screen.

then i heard a cry. the way the buildings around here are set up, you can’t tell what direction any sound is coming from. the noise echoed. and grew louder and louder.

the really creepy thing was that i couldn’t tell what was making the sound. it sounded too animal to be human. too human to be animal. all i could tell that i was some sort of death cry; something that stop only to start again.

after about ten minutes it did finally stop, and my mom and brother woke up complaining of the noise.

i guess weird things happen when you get up before twelve ^^; .

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my best friend plank

random entry filler quiz~

[The story behind your user name]: i got the name maulie in the tenth grade. it was halloween and two friends and i decided to dress up as cat girls. it was decided to make names for our collars and since i was a black cat with a red collar,the name maulie was chosen. after the sith lord, darth maul.
[How old?]: 17! i act more like a 15 years old at times though...
[Where do you live?]: southern california
[4 words that sum you up]: random, dorky, nice,silly

[Wallet]: its some what non-existant right now, so that would be hard to do
[Hairbrush]: light blue with silver trim
[Jewelry worn daily]: don't wear jewelry...i wear my watch when i remember too though
[Pillow cover]: baby blue
[Coffee cup]: don't have one
[Shoes]: two pairs of high heels, one pair of sketchers, and one pair of adias
[Cologne/Perfume]: just my natural scent
[CD in stereo right now]: a burned cd swedmex made me ^^
[Piercings]: i used to have, but then they closed up
[What you are wearing now]: jeans and a tee shirt
[Hair]: goes to a little below my shoulders, usually messed up and in my eyes
[In my head]: umm my brain?
[Wishing]: i wasn't so darn bored right now ^^;
[After this]: watch tv, not do hw, eat
[Talking to]: ayanami chan and my cuddly swedmex *glomp*
[Eating]: well i have a empty ice cream bowl in front of me (mmmm, mint and chip)
[Fetishes]: uhhh.... o_o
[Some of your favorite movies]: too many to name ^^
[something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]: spring break, sleeping, seeing my swedmex
[The last thing you ate?]: ice cream
[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]: hmmm i dunno, schuft on blueberry muffins i guess
[Do you like candles]: playing with candles are fun, ooo look at the flame go @_@
[Do you like incense]: i guess, tends to be too strong
[Do you believe in love]: yea -^_^-
[Do you believe in soul mates]: yes and no
[Do you believe in love at first sight]: i believe in infatuation at first sight, not sure about love...
[Do you believe in forgiveness]: yea
[If you could have any animal for a pet]: a pet jaguar =D, tame of course
[What are 3 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?]: cities? what about general locations: japan, hawaii, and canada (*shrugs* i dunno)
[What are some of your favorite chillin foods?]: orange chicken, mint and chip ice cream, hot pockets, etc
[What's something you wish you could understand better?]: umm everything? n_n
[Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?]: define a long time

[In the last 24 hours, have you:
01. Cried: nope
02. Bought something: a cup of noodles and chips (i eat so healthy ^^; )
03. Gotten sick: no i don't think so
04. Sang: no, got plenty of songs stuck in my head thou
05. Eaten: of course
06. Been kissed: no =(
07. Felt stupid: lol, but of course
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: no
09. Met someone new: umm yea, indirectly via internet
10. Moved on: i guess
11. Talked to an ex: what ex?
12. Missed an ex: ditto
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: yea if you count swedmex
14. Had a serious talk: nope, not today
15. Missed someone: yes..
16. Hugged someone: no =(
17. Fought with your parents: no, but probably cause i haven't seen them yet =P
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: nope

Social Life:
01. Best girl friend(s): in no paticular order- chelsea, brenna, kimmie, katie, megan, kim
02. Best guy friend(s): swedmex, het, brain, jon
03. Boy/Girlfriend?: swedmex
04. If no, current dating partner: umm, swedmex =P
05. Hobbies: procrastination, drawing, reading, internet, forums
06. Pager/Cell: both, and they're both lost too ^^;
07. Are you center of attention or the wallflower: depends on my mood
08. What type automobile do you drive: i don't even have a permit but i do have a car: honda civic :3
09. What type automobile do you wish you drove: jaguar, if just for the name
10. Would you rather be with friends or on a date: friends
11. Where is the best hangout: any where with my friends
12. Do you have a job: fulltime highschool student
13. Do you attend church: sometimes, when at my dads
14. Do you like being around people: but of course

01. Have you known the longest: chelsea and brenna
02. Do you argue the most with: mom
03. Do you always get along with: everyone i can think of
04. Is the most trustworthy: hmmm megan i guess
05. Makes you laugh the most: megan lol
06. Has been there through all the hard times: not many hard times
07. Has the coolest parents: hmm, i guess bren and chel's parents are kewl
08. Has the coolest siblings: uh,katie cause there old enough to entertain themselves
09. Is the most blunt: hrm? hands down, kim
10. Is the smartest: my acadec friends of course!

01. Who is your role model: umm my mom?
02. What are some of your pet peeves: when people pretend to be something they aren't
03. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: hmmm, surprisingly enough, no
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: never found reason too
05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: usually i go for the nice guys
06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): probably, i'm sure nothing major
07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: i dunno, not that i can remember
08. Rather be dumper or dumped: dumped. it'll be too hard to dump someone i care about!
19. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationships, hookups sound boring
10. Want someone you don't have right now: nope
11. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: heh yea
12. Do you want to get married: for a while i didn't think so, but i guess i would change my mind.
13. Do you want kids: for now, no
14. Do you believe in psychics: not really, if they could really tell the future then why aren't they rich off of the stock market?
15. Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time: not sure
16. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: uh my eyes?
17. What is your favorite part of your emotional being: "being able to relate with a lot of different people" ~i'll take mikes reason ^^
18. Are you happy with yourself: yea
19. Are you happy with your life: for now, yes
20. If you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: no more hw! whooo~
21. What are your life goals?: to live without regrets

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