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being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up

wow alot has happened since i last posted...but since i'm lazy i'll post about them later ^^ . a c-student to the end: thats me!

what i want to talk about is the thing that has been taking up all my time. ever since i found it, i check it at least twice a day- if not more! so what is it that can suck up all the time i had planned for my site? my comic? etc??

a rpg.

its still in its beta stage but tons of fun for a role player like me n_n . its also really cute in the fact that you can design your own chibi-type avatars and dress them up as you like!

it even went as far as making my day ^^ . today a new section of the site opened up: a love-house link on the town map. a personals forum. my friend, ayanami, had gotten up early and, to kill time, decided to check the new place out. so she clicked on the link. inside were four buttons:
guy seeking girl
girl seeking guy
guy seeking guy
girl seeking girl

and guess whose avatar was used on one of the button? out of the over 3000 something users? hehe, thats right, me! and as if to sweeten the whole experience one of the admins had this to say, "Honestly i was looking for users that were very well designed. Complementary color choices, cool styles, avatars that stood out to me as exceptional in some way ^^ its safe to consider those avatars to be the first pro 'models' in Gaia :]"

whee! and the fact that the speaker was this talented artist gave me even more reason to be happy :3 .

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oh shoot, do toilets run off of electricity?

power outage in school today! made for some pretty interesting stories to tell :) . take acadec for example.

we had gotten a lava lamp for our coach and since then it has become a source of entertainment for us (don't ask). so jon comes in and the first thing he does is tries to turn on the lava lamp...which of course doesn't turn on cause the theres no power. then micheal come in and the first thing he does is to try to turn on the lava lamp. later, amelie was telling us the whole story, to which europa insantly responded by wondering out load what was wrong with the lava lamp and -big surprise here- tried to turn it on. lol, ladies and gentlemen, i present to you the best and brightest of our school ^^; .

oh and i guess i might as well tell the micheal story here. somehow we had gotten on the topic of the type of board games we play with our family. not surprisingly, micheal's family mainly played chess. mikes pretty good at chess. as he put it, "the only person to beat me was my grandma- she's dead now". haha everyone had a good laugh at that n_n . the mental image of micheal as some sort of checkmate hitman was just too much!

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being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up~

yesterday i ditched detention...i feel like such a rebel >:3 .

today was pi day at our school. i'm not sure whats up with the random school holidays ^^; . the festivities included a pie eating contest and a contest to see who can name the most consecutive numbers of pi. not surprisingly the first place winner was micheal and the prize was *gasp!* -a pie.

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she can fight my battles for me!

"Your name gives you the desire to understand and to help others but, at the same time you can become too involved in their problems and, as a result, worry too much. You desire a home and family of your own and have the ability to create understanding and harmony in family association as you are pliable, forgiving, and tactful. You love children and would not hesitate to care for any children who might need you. Whenever possible, you avoid argument and turmoil because you prefer not to face an issue if it means hurting anyone's feelings. You shrink from sordidness and poverty because you feel very deeply for anyone in unfortunate circumstances. Though you recognize your responsibilities, you are inclined to put things off until you are forced to take action. If given the opportunity, you could develop musical and artistic abilities."

wow this is so me its scary! check out your own name on this site. they even have made up names like maulie there!

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ignore the entry titles

kay it is officially over!

the award banquet was last friday. sort of disapointed in how things turned out...but i'm gonna take my bf's advice and focus on the positive:

1. we may be sixth, but we're sixth out of fortynine
2. i got medals!
3. we didn't have to wear any dorky velvet pirate capes or salior outfits
3. i got four medals!
4. even though el segundo stole our west high look, we still took them out easily
5. top three in our district is still good!
6. still able beat all the other torrance schools and our last year enemy, burbank

and the top reason to be happy:

i don't have to study any more!!!! n_n

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"with my luck, the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train"

so its one week later already. competition is finally over with, and i can look forward to having fun doing nothing like a normal teenager again. i can finally go and do all those small things that i've been putting off- watching my fav tv shows, playing my video games (kingdom hearts!), working on all my mini projects...
that is unless i get brutally attacked by a stupid sickness =( . darn sore throat/cough thingy.

adjective competition went alot better than last time. oral super quiz was, umm, interesting. one of the questions was soooo ridiculous easy! ex: over which ocean does the el nino occur. some ktla reporter was quiz master so acadec was mention for the grand total of thirty seconds on channel five. yippie.

however, the highlite of the day came during testing. we had just been excused for lunch. i was walking out minding my business when i heard someone calling out behind me. not really expecting it to be for me, i turned around just in time to see a guy trying to catch up to me. much to my admusement he struck up a conversation. he asked my name and i told him. what school i was from and i told him. then there was a pause as he took a deep breath...

then he asked if i had i a bf, lol!

never really been hit on like that, much less at an academic decathlon competion. of course i told i had one, but that i was very flattered. i walked away, and when i looked back he was crying out a exaggerated "noooooo!". hehe, maybe if i wasn't already with the love of my life he would have had a chance...i probably would have given him my number just cause he had the guts to ask.

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'cause this is my united states of whatever!

yea so its the day after the first half of comp, and i am completely brain dead x_X . funny since we haven't even started to take the adjective tests yet.

things were different this year...for one thing no one seemed to know what they were doing. some people got unfair avantages while others were being unfairly graded =/ . but oh well, like always, what happens happens.

hehe swedmex is such a sweetie n_n . i was nervous about how i was gonna do, so he mixed me a cd for luck. i think i've listened to it like twenty times since lol.

one more week until i can have a life again :D .

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i got the right for gonna be myself

yes! my speech is finally done!!!

...the only down side to it is that theres a part that sounds like some grade school taunt whenever i say it ^^;; . heh oh well, a speech should always some personality right?

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its amazing how england looks in no way like southern california!

"I went to the store the other day, and I was in there for only about 5 minutes. When I came out there was a damn cop writing out a parking ticket. So I went up to him and said, "Come on, buddy, how about giving a guy a break?" He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. So I called him a pencil-necked nazi. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn tires! So I called him a piece of horse shit. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket! This went on for about 20 minutes... the more I abused him, the more tickets he wrote. I didn't give a shit. My car was parked around the corner.
I try to have a little fun each day. It's important."

lol. so mean and funny at the same time...whoops sorry about the cussing =P .

in other news, the good thing about today was that i got to get out from school. the bad thing was that i was sick to my stomach the entire time -_-; ...oh well i feel better now. just in time to go to school tomorrow. *sigh*

oooh yea! and check out where this signature came from!! whoo, i'm going gobal :3 .

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huzzah for winter breaks~

hehe today was fun.

first off today was the day we had choosen as our random-dress-up-different day. ayanami was a rainbow toed slacker, schuft was a goth, and i was a punk rocker...well as good as a punk as i could be with only a week to prepare and no money to spend ^_^; . was interesting to see people's reactions, even if they weren't quite as fun as hoped.

our pricipal had declared that there would be no "non educational activities" (aka parties) that day. luckly for us, none of the teachers paid him any heed =3 . the party in english was very fun--we watched oliver the other reindeer and gorged on junk food. at the end of the period the teacher told us to take all the food we wanted. so there were some people taking entire two liter bottles of soda lol.

a few classes later, lunch had rolled by. present time! it turned out that schuft had been my secret santa, and she gave me this really cute bear collar thingy. sharleen had also brought gifts for everyone so i also got this great black cat piggy bank. i was pretty happy with my gifts and even better was the fact that my gift person liked her present. yay~ i knew she would like the "moo-moo" =D . we also had fun getting schuft to show us her shirt (it was tight and low cut, very unlike her) but she got sort of mad so i wont talk about it ^^; .

fifth and sixth rolled around and the bell rang to let school out. schuft and richard got in a hair coloring war and some how me and ayanami had gotten involved. by the end of it we all had multicolored hair and i had a red streak across my face. good thing its washible... walked home to discover that i had been locked out. so i went over to borders to amuse myself. at around seven i got picked up by my mom just in time to be driven to our acadec christmas party.

there we exchanged more secret santa gifts. after we went upstairs to watch holy grail. at nine we left and headed out to the local starbucks. there het found his track buddies, peelee her ap friends, and europa found her creepy guy (or guy/girl). we hung out for awhile. us four girls decided to play pso as team but the guys we were playing against were big fat cheaters. so we head over to barnes and noble to hang out some. after having fun trying to stalk het and amelie, we headed home.

the only real bad thing about today was that i didn't get to see my swedmex. but i get to see him tomorrow so its all good n_n .

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you all laugh at me 'cause i'm different...

...i laugh at you 'cause your all the same

was spacing out in my trig class the other day (your tax money hard at work), and i randomly started listing out some of my "dream jobs". they included:
professional ninja
singer or guitar player
special agent (actually this is what the asvab test told me i should be o_o)

i 'll add more as i think of them.

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subculture fun

The Subculture Label Quiz

brought to you by Quizilla

i tied between this and geek. yay for me!

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still alive

maulie is maulie cause she chews everything!
maulie is a part of it of course
maulie is winning - with 51%
maulie is sexy
maulie is a little intense about her treadmill...
maulie is so squeezy!
maulie is the best!!

google search with key words "maulie is"... maulie is very easily amused n_n .

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kiss of the hippo

it was an interesting week.

friday was normal, slept in late was bored all day.

tuesday i was kidnapped by friends and spent the day at 18's house. we passed the time putting gladiator to new music, my favorite being the fight scene put to saturday night fever. now i'll never be able to watch that movie without thinking of a strutting maximus =D . that was also the day we checked out buca di beppo (translated into today's entry title) for a possible birthday party. 18, ayame, and i are planning on a triple b-day party, or as i like to call it, a triple entente n_n .

wednesday i was kidnapped again, and we spent the time swimming in the neighbor's pool. afterwards we watched anime music videos and a rented zoolander dvd.

thursday was a trip to the docks with part of the academic decathlon team. there i had fun holding the various sea life (sand stars, sea cucumbers, urchins, sea squirts) and getting dared to pet a gooey halibut. when all the captives where all safe and sound in their new fish tank, we went out for some cold stone ice cream. which is very yummy btw.

as for today, i'm pretty much doing the same as i did monday. only one more day til swedmex comes back~!

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encounter of the (sort of) third kind

i was wondering around the mall when a girl just randomly walks up and starts chatting with me...

summary of conversation
girl- so have you ever wanted to be a model?
me- ummm no.
girl- how about an actress? or maybe a sing-
me- no thanks, i'm not interested o_o *tries to walk away*
girl- *insert really fast talking sales pitch*, oh but hasn't anyone told you that your beautiful?
me- ...just him... *points to bf*
girl- *insert more fast talkin sales pitch mixed with comments on my confusion* here's our business card! come tonight, or at least some time this month!!
me- *scared voice* umm sure? 0_0;

swedmex was pretty amused by the whole thing (or more accurately, my reaction) but i didn't really know what to think. heres the website, anyone else heard of them??

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be a man, ask your bra size

man i had such a fun time today...i really should hang out with my friends more often n_n .

i woke up today to a phone call from het. he wanted to know if i was interested in going with him to talk to misty. which was fine with me. especially when considering how long itís been since i last saw him (lucky japan going het). anyhoo, after waiting a while for my boyfriend swedmex, we headed out for the school...only to find misty had left, leaving a note. undaunted, we went for a drive that took us into uncharted area and back to our local 7-11 (aww the memories...we spent after prom there =D ).

by the time we were done eating our 7-11 munches, it was time to head out to the movies. since we hadn't seen het in fornever (no not a typo, but a new word invented by phoenix)i convinced him to come with us. the catch being that i promise to study for acadec 9_9; .

as for the movie, all i can say is wait for master of disguise to come out on video if you want to see it. after swedmex, het, 18, and brian left for various reasons leaving the rest of us to our own devices. after loitering in a love sac store (love sac = giant beanbag like thing)and playing a failed game of truth or dare (hence the entry's title) ayame also had to go. so the four of us left went off to do mischief in a department store, laugh at greeting cards and smelled stuff at bath and body works. after that we pretty much ran out of ideas. so jon offered to take us to gold member (his treat). which btw is a much funnier movie than md. by the end of the day we had spent six and a half hours at the mall o_o .

oh yeah and blame the parenthesis on het.

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i'm not alone cause the tv's on, yeah

well summer school is over, my computers no longer psyco, and i have some measure of free time... however my speech has gone missing, art programs are lost, as well as my tablet pen.

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