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computer fun

today just was not my computer's day.

i woke up yesterday to find that nothing on the computer worked. none of the programs would run and none of the drives would work. i couldn't even sign on to the internet. we spent forever and a day trying to figure out what to do.

to fix the problem it turns out we have to reformat. since there was no way to back up data it meant losing all of our data -_-; . no fun at all. i lost my html data, high quality versions of pictures, a few photoshop saves, my beloved collection of mp3s, plus everything else. gah, the computer gods hate me!

hopefully i'll update soon. just as soon as i find my tablet pen and reinstall that scanner drive...

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i'm missing my swedmex =/ .

EDIT: contrary to common the swedmex is not a mixture of swedish pancakes and flan, or for that case even a food. swedmex is my bf -^_^- .

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insert interesting title here

hey everyone, just stopped by to wish everyone a good time on this forth of july.

oh and also to the lucky anime fans spending time at the expo- remember you promised lots of pictures :D !

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tra la la

i don't know why this amuses me so, but it does.

okay, so my mom and me were sitting in the car ready to go. but right as mom was pulling out she noticed something odd. our neighbor was standing perfectly still. staring off in the general direction of the trashcan. for the life of us, we could not figure out what he was doing.

then, ever so slowly, he began to walk forward. never once taking his eyes off of whatever he was looking at. as my mom and i watched, he slowly dropped one of the pizza boxes he held. then he took a couple of steps back and the biggest racoon ever came out. he took the box between his paws and bashed it against the ground before dropping it a slinking back to where the came. curiosity fulfilled, we drove off.

i looked back in time to catch the guy throwing in the trash a good ten feet away.

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Long time no write

so i finally get my journal up and running, fix all the bugs, find a design i like...and then i don't use it ^_^; . as you can see i'm trying to change that.

so its summer time, schools out and the smell of freedom is in the air. now is the time to throw my worries into the wind and veg out to the hypnotic screen of the tv. yet i find myself looking back on the school year, surprisingly not with "thank god its over" but with "i'm glad it happen".

i grew up a lot this year. more than any other. i met new and interesting people that i usually wouldn't have. i had experiences that i will not forget for the rest of my life. for the first time, i was able to get over my natural shyness. even my mom comments on how much i've changed. i'm content with the way my life is going. even now I keep finding more and more things to be happy about.

make new friends but keep the old. i don't want to loss touch with the all the great people i have met, but at the same time i want to keep the great friends i have. so i came up with something. once a day i'll talk to one of the new people i've met, while still hanging out with the group i have been with forever. a dorky plan, but hopefully it'll work...

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Online journal-whooo!

Just testing the journal out. Real entry coming soon i promise!

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